Electronic coin mechanism

In the up position, the button causes the coin bank door of the escrow to be closed.Regardless of the type of coin operated system, the basic requirement is that the value of a deposited coin be promptly and accurately recognized.

It is, however, possible for the doors to close each of the chutes.


FIG. 20 shows the escrow door levers 370 which are basically of the same structure and which are mounted on the escrow to control the escrow doors in response to the various finger levers controlled by the solenoid.All changes are internal to the chutes, so it will fit where any other Vertical Coin Chute would be used.Each of the walls of the escrow housing facing the side walls of the doors includes a plurality of arcuately oriented depressions 200, 201 and 202 spaced radially.

Hanke Electronic MP Coin Acceptor User’s Manual

As seen, plate 40 includes an aperture 40a for receiving a light detector housing assembly 47 for a light detector in the form of a photodetector, the latter being electrically connected to the electronic control board 30, the wires fitting in a grommet in slot 47a.For the door 275 to open, the latch arm tangs 280 must clear the latch stop 285.Chutes alone are for converting existing equipment with minimal expenditures.

The coin finger 240 and the coin box finger 255 are held in the upward position by the door latch arm 260 (FIGS. 13 and 18) which is normally biased in an upward position.In either instance, however, it is advantageous to provide a coin operated mechanism which permits a variety of coin combinations to be used, rather than a limited number of types of coins, e.g., only quarters, or only dimes and quarters.Independent payout mechanism Even if a coin gets stuck in one place, the payout can be made from an alternative tube.This is accomplished by first resetting and starting a coin wheel timer.When the AMOUNT equals or exceeds the sale price of the item, e.g., newspaper, U1 will issue the command to fire the solenoid, allowing the customer to open the door and take an item, or to dispense one item, or to permit some other operations sequence to begin, for example, washer or dryer operation.A single beam of light is emitted on one side of the coin wheel and a single optical detector is directed toward the emitter on the opposite side of the coin wheel.Some machines have a paper dollar reader and some even provide change if the amount deposited is greater than the price for the product.

The bent zone 299 includes an aperture 307 for one end of spring 256 (FIG. 12) such that the escrow return finger is normally biased upwardly as seen in FIG. 12. The bent section 298 also includes at one end a button mounting tab 309 oriented 90 degrees as indicated by line 309a.Further, the coin mechanism is not self-clearing and may be jammed by foreign objects.Located to the side of the coin wheel 70 opposite the coin receiving surface and aligned with the LED is the detector housing assembly 47, the housing having a rectangular opening 96 through which transmitted light passes to the photodetector 97.If at least the proper total amount of coinage is inserted, then machine mechanism, to be described, allows the dispensing device to access the product to be dispensed or to start the service to be provided, e.g., clothes washing or drying, or pay telephone operation.

GD400 Electronic Coin Mechanism (drop insert type)

The detailed features of the electronic control board will be described.In the coin release position, the coin drops into the escrow unit 60 by gravity.Thus, in the normal biased position of plate 40, the coin wheel assembly is positioned between plates 40 and 32, the latter forming a coin chute.

U1 manages all of the reader preset information, as well as recorded sales information in its on board RAM.Find great deals on eBay for Coin Mech in Beverage and Snack Vending Machine Parts and Accessories.

The computer may store other information related to machine location, route person identification and a whole host of other information which, with the information provided from the reader, may generate a series of meaningful management reports.The second level of security is the company password which only the company knows and only which the company can access In the event that the company code is somehow discovered, it may be changed by the company.Coin counting and sorting machines US9235945 Feb 10, 2014 Jan 12, 2016 Outerwall Inc.This transfer of return energy from the wheel 70 to the bounce plate 112, effectively a shock absorbing action, effectively prevents the coin wheel from bouncing.From these data, management may determine the location of productive equipment, the need to increase or decrease items loaded to reduce returns, the need to increase or decrease route service, the geographical areas not covered be available equipment.First it checks the status of the door reset latch (U4 pin 9).When you call us you will get a live friendly customer service representative that will be happy to help you.There are a number of prior art systems which are supposedly electronic coin mechanism and data systems.

Referring to FIG. 8, one half section of an escrow unit 60 is illustrated as seen from inside the unit.Rotatably mounted on plate 40 by a pin 48 received in aperture 40b, on the side thereof facing support plate 32, is a coin wheel assembly 50.FIG. 2 is a diagrammatic illustration in an exploded view of the coin mechanism and electronic components of the coin mechanism in accordance with this invention.

Effectively, such a null action produces no response in the mechanism.Another problem with the systems of the prior art described is that only summary data may be extracted from the electronics.This relative orientation permits an unlock and reset sequence, as will be described.Once the latest transaction in a coin is buried under enough blocks,.

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For example, there are five pairs of 2 slots, totalling 10 slots in the clockwise direction and 10 slots in the counterclockwise direction.The solenoid is activated by enabling U1 pin 10 (SOL EN) high.It has universal mounting holes so installation is very simple.This coin acceptor will take up to 6 different kinds of coin.

Reconditioned Mars electric coin changer, this mech will fit most machines that use an electric coin mech that uses the 8 pin plug.These latter machines are, for example, newspaper vending machines which are normally placed outdoors and which are exposed to extremes of weather and temperature.When a coin is inserted into the coin mechanism, it falls into the coin chute, as described, and into the coin wheel.